The Don Albrecht Endowment; Honoring the vision, leadership, artistry, scholarship and passion of Don Albrecht and his work at
the Bayfield Maritime Museum.

Preserving the area's maritime history and tradition


Educating residents and visitor about the vibrant economic and cultural influences of Lake Superior.


Enhancing the experience of visitors to Bayfield.

The Bayfield Maritime Museum contributes to the quality of the life and economic prosperity in the  Bayfield and Apostle Islands region by:

Our Funding

The museum is an all volunteer, not-for-profit enterprise. We rely on donations from visitors and friends to keep the doors open, the lights on, and exhibits engaging.


Your tax deductible donations are greatly appreciated. Please mail them to :

  Bayfield Maritime Museum

  PO Box 1271

  Bayfield, WI  54814


The success of the Bayfield Maritime Museum depends on uncounted hours contributed by the all-volunteer team that manages and staffs the museum. First among these volunteers was Don Albrecht, who, for years has brought to the museum a rare combination of passion for maritime stories, a dedication to the museum as an institution, and, importantly, the artistic vision and technical skills to bring his ideas to reality.


The Don Albrecht Maritime History Endowment Is part of the Apostle Islands Area Community Fund, an affiliate of the Duluth Superior Area Community Foundation. The foundation provides financial and legal stewardship, while the museum’s directors decide how earning are best used to assure that its exhibits remain engaging and educational.


This continuing development, improvement, and expansion of our exhibits is central to keeping the museum an exciting and educational destination in Bayfield. The Don Albrecht Maritime History Endowment will assure, in perpetuity, that the aesthetic and scholarly experience of the museum never falls below the standards that Don established and that have contributed so powerfully to the museum’s success.


To honor Don’s immeasurable contribution to the Bayfield Maritime Museum, we have established the Don Albrecht Maritime History Endowment. The endowment particularly recognizes Don’t contribution as a curator – his skill and passion for presenting the museum’s holding in engaging and educational ways.


Tax deductible donations may be made to the “Don Albrecht Maritime History Endowment” and mailed to:

Don Albrecht Maritime History

PO Box 1271

Bayfield, WI 54814


Contributions to the endowment may also
be made directly through the Apostle Islands
Area Community Funds.


The goals of the fund include:


Development of new exhibits,

Renovation and updating of existing exhibits,

Boat building projects as interactive exhibits,

Enhancing the education experience of museum visitors, and

Fostering scholarly research on regional maritime history.






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